heys guys!

once again… it’s on 😉

BOOM!!! BAM!!! 💥 outta nowhere! a new collaboration with YHS Records yields another glorious reissue of my album Lightweight Heavy! there are multiple colors for you! the awesome folks at turntable lab have a limited edition purple version and you can also get this crazy blue version and this wild orange version! oh… and for the boombox enthusiasts and collectors… there’s also this sky blue cassette version. YOU HAVE TO HAVE IT 😂

while you’re still here, let me tell you about the new vinyl version of Tephlon Funk: The Dope Tape!! it has dropped and comes with a collectible poster! the digital version has been floating around for while so it’s only right to offer the vinyl version to go with it. you can find it at your favorite vinyl shops.

i also have a project with Kabuki! the project is called “Healing Through Sound” and is out now!! we combined our techniques with precision and intention to create the sound for this project. the 1st single is called “Cloud Remedy: Transfix”. check it out and enjoy. we made this just for you! this is only volume one so there’s more remedies on the way and this music is designed to hit different so live with it for a little while 😉 check in and let me know what you think.

don’t forget about the latest Maurice Galactica album, “Plaything: Cipher”! it is released through Sichtexot, one of the coolest labels in the universe! check it out and let me know what you think! what’s your pleasure planet earth people?!

i dropped a new special edition single for my songs “Your Purpose” and “Why We Dream”! they originally appeared on my Afterthought album and the new single comes on 7-inch vinyl. Your Purpose appears on Samurai Champloo and Why We Dream is the perfect counterbalance as the b-side. this is the only medium in which you can find these tracks! fun fact – the artwork was created as a fun homage to the Samurai Champloo soundtracks i appear on: Departure and Impression. i hope you all like it!

you can also catch my feature with kenichiro nishihara. people still don’t realize i rap too 😂 i’m featured on a track called “Waking Dream”. i had a blast writing and recording it. check it out and let me know what you think.

oh, speaking of Maurice Galactica, don’t forget there’s a reissue of Rapture Kontrolle! this is another project put together in collaboration with YHS Records. there’s a crystal clear double vinyl version as well as a transparent teal cassette version. this is the first time this whole album has been released on vinyl and it also includes a bonus track!


don’t forget to check out “God’s Fifth Wish” and the latest Rebel Clique album “Broken Silence” (there’s also an instrumental version). there are definitely some joints on these albums to help get you through trying times.


don’t forget to check out the latest Tephlon Funk EP, “Tephlon Funk: The Dope Tape“. this was a really fun project to make. just a reminder… it’s a soundtrack for a manga. me and the creator of the manga (Stéphane Metayer) did an interview with Anime News Network, you can check it out here. the EP is available on all your favorite platforms. go check it out!!

thanks a lot to all the folks that have been checking in, we appreciate it. 

more surprises are on the way: we will all keep moving forward together… as Ample Souldiers!

in more beat news:

i was fortunate enough to be able to work closely with Samplified to present a sample pack and drum kit library for all the beat heads out there! it’s called “Lost Sessions“. a lot of love, time and energy was put into it. go check it out and get nuts with it, you’ll love it!!

Tephlon Funk: The Free Tape is streaming on your favorite platforms!!! you can pick up the vinyl at your favorite shops. it features 12 tracks and it also comes with an original manga! if you like vinyl that comes with comic books, go ahead and make that move!

i have more projects going on that will be coming to the surface and I hope you enjoy them.