welcome to amplesoul.com…. here, you can get some inside information about me and what i’ve been doing for the greater part of my life.

for all those that don’t know, my name is jon marshall. also known as fat jon, fat boy, 35, prof. daitetsu nekasa, maurice galactica, giggles, gigs, jason madison, cosmos nebula and a lot more…trust me..there’s a lot more.

you may say i have split musical personalities. that would be semi-correct. you may know my main project, five deez or some of my other projects. i produce mainly by the name of fat jon. i’m known as the ample soul physician.

the reasons i wanted to start ample soul are because i’ve been on a lot of sides of the music business. i’ve seen the struggles of an artist, the ambiguity of the label owner as well as the prosperity of the publisher. i wanted to combine all the experience i’ve gained from these angles and put them together to run my label.

i have no delusions, my label is small and has very limted capacity. i’ve been able to meet quite a few people along the way and learned a great deal about music and the business of music. i’m applying these lessons to my own companies.

i want to provide another outlet to myself as well as other artists who make music because they love it. one of my goals is to use hip hop in ways that no one else has. my label will not make any of us rich. it will serve as a platform and maybe someday, somebody else will make you rich!

as you may have noticed, it is just an extension of myself. i’ll be releasing projects that maintain my musical philosophy as well as material that has been previously unreleased. i want you to come back from time to time to see what’s new.

over the years, i’ve had tons of releases on different labels so there’ll always be something to check for. this site is a shout out to all my peoples worlwide. you hold me down. don’t follow the leaders…think of the future