Looking for a place to relieve himself, fat jon stumbled into a cafĂ© in berlin and met the german r’n’b soul sensation, amleset solomon. After talking for a few minutes they discovered they are musicians with a similar passion for music and the music making process.

At that time, amleset was signed to EMI and invited fat jon onto her production team. fat jon ,in turn, invited her to perform on the five deez album, kinkynasti. Amleset blessed the tracks “funky” and “I like it”.

They decided to form a group in 2002. That group is Rebel Clique. This name represents both artists’ attitudes toward the music industry as well as the idea that music has to sound certain ways to be accepted. It’s a group which doesn’t claim one particular style or sound but uses amleset’s r&b background and fat jon’s hip hop background to create music which can’t be described as either or.


unique connection lp
unique connection instrumentals lp
get away 12″
still curious lp
still curious instrumentals lp
broken silence lp
broken silence instrumentals lp