maurice galactica is one those rare instances of fantasy meets reality. he began as a fat jon alter-ego of sorts. his whole existence came about in somewhat of a joking manner which actually led to music being made with a certain personality and energy behind it. the whole idea of maurice is that’s he’s a keyboard player from a different time (the future… past … some cyclical shit) that believes life without (physical) love is pointless.

once maurice was born through music, it only made sense to make a complete album with this idea and concept. the fun part developed while making the first album. maurice actually creates different music than fat jon does and humanoid erotica was thrust upon the world with reckless abandon. that being big fun and all, maurice would sneak into studio sessions with the five deez and change arrangements around or actually lay down new piano riffs or vocals. he would bring newly acquainted visitors in and out of the studio at all hours.

since he just kind of comes and goes, no one cared and since he’s pretty nice with his studio skills, no one complained if he worked on tracks or added things here or there. he actually decided not to take any production credit for some songs because he just saw it as something to do at that moment.

after floating around between different minds, times and spaces… working on things here, there and everywhere… maurice is back to release his latest album.

Complete discography:

pretty pussy kitty kat 12″
humanoid erotica lp
rapture kontrolle lp